Friendships abroad

The only friendship coach for expats


I’m helping people who moved abroad to: 

  • have a better relationship with themselves
  • find and make friends with their ideal people
  • create meaningful connections
  • maintain healthy friendships

I’m here to help you too!

Friendship coaching is your solution to happy and meaningful friendships. As a friendship coach I will help you to overcome any barriers that are holding you back from making new friends and maintaining healthy friendships.

In my coaching program I will guide you through my proven 3 step process that we will adapt to your specific situation and needs. Furthermore I am using a coaching model that addresses and solves ANY situation you can possibly be in, trust me – I’ve tested it over and over and it works every time.

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I have tons of professional experience and knowledge. For the last 10+ years I have supported people to live a better, more independent and fulfilling life. I’ve completed a coach certification (EMCC accredited), counselling skills course (CPCAB accredited) and I’m a mental health first aider. But what matters most is that I have lived experience – I’ve been where you are now and I’ve got the solution you’re looking for.

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I moved abroad 4.5 years ago and I’ve had a really hard time making friends. I felt lonely, isolated, alienated and wrong. Coaching helped me to get out, meet people and make new friends. I went from 0 friends to over 30 friends in the UK alone. I now feel supported, loved, connected and happy – no more lonely weekends wishing I’d had friends.

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It’s hard to overcome the barriers and struggles you face when you’re in them. If you would be able to do it yourself, you would have done it already.

Loneliness will affect both your physical and mental health, it even increases your risk of premature death – let alone the unfulfilled life you will have leading up to it. Honestly, I’ve had a life without friends and I can tell you (now that I have friends): life is so much better when you have friends.

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